Divine Liturgy

Divine Liturgy
   Name of the Byzantine Eucharistic rite analogous to the Roman Catholic mass. There are three: the Liturgy of St. Basil and the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, nearly identical except for the chants of the anaphora (consecration), and the Liturgy of the Presanctified sung during Lent. This last has no anaphora and contains the famous Hesperinos hymn Phōs hilaron. The order of service for the Liturgies of St. Basil and St. John Chrysostom is as follows (all chants are proper unless noted as ordinary):
   • Three antiphons or typika, common psalms with the hymn Ho monogenēs huios;
   • Ordinary: Eisodikon from Psalm 94 for the procession of the lectionary;
   • Troparion and the proem of a kontakion;
   • Ordinary: Eis polla ta etē for the entrance of the celebrant;
   • Trisagion (one of several versions);
   • Ordinary: Psalmos tō Dauid with a proper reponsorial Prokeimenon preceding the Epistle reading;
   • Ordinary: Allēlouia psalmos tō Dauid with a proper responsorial Alleluia preceding the Gospel reading;
   • Ordinary: Hosoi katechoumenoi proelethete, dismissing the cathechumens;
   • Cheroubikon (one of several versions);
   • Creed;
   • Chants of the anaphora, including Hagios, hagios, hagios analogous to the Roman Sanctus;
   • Chants for communion (koinōnikon);
   • Ordinary post-communion hymn Plērōthētō to stoma hēmōn;
   • Ordinary benediction Eie to onoma Kyriou from Psalm 112;
   • Ordinary post-communion hymn Eidomen to phōs to alēthinon and possibly other hymns.
   See also Holy Communion.

Historical dictionary of sacred music. . 2006.

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